Portable Radiation Monitor РМ1402М (full set)

A portable multipurpose radiation laboratory which consists of a processing unit and five external exchangeable radiation detectors.

PM1402M can be used for detection and measurement of the alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation and gamma spectrum accumulation.

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The PM1402M is a portable multipurpose radiation monitor designed for field use to measure all types of ionizing radiation and spectrum collection of the gamma emitting sources. The device consists of a processing unit and set of five external exchangeable detectors.

The small size and low weight of the processing unit allows easy carrying in the field, since it can be placed in a pocket or on a utility belt.

The full set includes:

  • Processing Unit
  • Gamma Radiation Detector BD-01 - based on CsI(Tl) detector, for search of gamma radiation sources
  • Gamma Radiation Detector BD-02 - based on CsI(Tl) detector
  • Gamma Radiation Detector BD-03 - based on GM-counter, for measurement of ambient equivalent dose rate of X-ray and gamma radiation
  • Gamma Radiation Detector BD-03-01 - based on GM-counter
  • Neutron Radiation Detector BD-04 - based on 3H, for search and location of the neutron radiation sources
  • Alpha and Beta Radiation Detector BD-05, for evaluation of the alpha and beta contamination levels


The processing unit features a 512 channel analyzer with storage capacity for 110 spectra in its non-volatile memory. The spectra can be downloaded to a PC via RS-232 data port for further data processing and/or radioisotope identification.

The portable radiation monitor is equipped with audible and vibration alarms to alert a user of the presence of a radiation source.

Additionally, the PM1402M is supplied with a telescopic extension tube which is used for detector mounting, inspection of difficult-to-access areas and/or protection of the user from the irradiation exposure by distance.

Standards compliance:

Designed to meet ITRAP (IAEA) requirements

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Gamma radiation detector BD-01: CsI(Tl)
Gamma radiation detector BD-02: CsI(Tl)
Search γ-channel
Sensitivity for 137Сs, no less
BD-01: 200 (s-1)/(μSv/h) (2 (s-1)/(μR/h))
BD-02: 30 (s-1)/(μSv/h) (0.3 (s-1)/(μR/h))
Sensitivity for 241Am, no less
Energy range in Search Mode
0.06 - 1.5 MeV
Indication range
DE measurement range
Accuracy of DER indication (at 137Сs)
in the range of 0.1 – 20 µSv/h (10 – 2000 µR/h),
no less
Gamma radiation scintillation spectra
acquisition channels
The number of γ-radiation scintillation spectra
saved in the instrument’s memory

Activity measurement sample
density range
Accuracy of 137Cs nuclide activity measurementx
Sensitivity to 137Cs in the activity measurement mode
137Cs activity measurement range
when using Marinelli beaker
Search neutron channel
- for Pu-α-Be
- for thermal neutrons
- for Pu-α-Be (with neutron moderator)
0.45 cps/(μSv/h)
Neutron count rate measurement energy range
from thermal to 14 MeV
Indication range
DER measurement range
(by Pu- α-Be source in collimated radiation)
Measuring γ-channel
Dose equivalent rate measurement range
BD-03: 0.15 - 105 μSv/h (15-107 μR/h)
BD-03-01:10 – 107 μSv/h (100-109 μR/h)
Dose equivalent rate measurement energy rangeBD-03: 0.02 - 1.5 MeV
BD-03-01: 0.08 - 1.5 MeV
Measuring α and β-channel
Proportional counter with a mica window
a-radiation flux density measurement range

1 min-1cm-2 - 5 x 105 min-1cm-2
Sensitivity to α- radiation (239Pu)
β- radiation flux measurement range
10 min-1cm-2 - 106 min-1cm-2
Sensitivity to β- radiation (90Sr+90Y)
Energy range of the measured of β-radiation flux
0.15 - 3.5 MeV
Processing unit: 32x85x107 mm (1¼'' x 3 3/8'' x 4¼'')
BD-01: Ø45x188 mm (Ø 1¾'' x 7 3/8'')
BD-02: Ø45 x131 mm (Ø 1¾'' x 5 1/8'')
BD-03: Ø21 x113.5 mm (Ø ¼'' 4 1/2 '')
BD-03-01: Ø21 x 100 mm (Ø 7/8'' x 4'')
BD-04: Ø59x207 mm (Ø 2 3/8'' x 8 1/8'')
BD-05: 64x40x118 mm (2½'' x 1 5/8'' x 4 5/8'')
PM1402M total weight, not more: 4.6 kg (10.1 lbs.)
Processing unit: 350 g (12.3 oz)
BD-01: 300 g (10.6 oz)
BD-02: 280 g ( 9.9 oz)
BD-03: 100 g (3.5 oz)
BD-03-01: 1500 g (52.9 oz)
BD-04: 490 g (17.2 oz)
BD-05: 310 g (10.9 oz)
Charger, not more: 370 g (13 oz)
Vibration alarm, not more: 5 g (0.18 oz)
Accessories, not more: 750 g (26.5 oz)
Ingress protection code
Drop test on concrete floor:
-30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F)
up to 98 % at 25 °С (77 °F)
Battery type
five AA size NiCd rechargeable batteries
Battery lifetime
Processing unit (without audio and
vibration alarms) battery lifetime
equipped with:
BD-01: 100 h
BD-02: 100 h
BD-03, BD-03-01: 100 h
BD-04: 24 h
BD-05: 20 h
Power supply

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