Multipurpose Hand-Held Radiation Monitor/Identifier - РМ1401К-3 /M

PM1401K-3 Multipurpose Hand-Held Radiation Monitor/Identifier belongs to the new family of Polimaster extremely sensitive and compact multipurpose hand-held radiation monitors.

PM1401K-3 can continuously measure ambient dose equivalent rate Ḣ*(10) of gamma and x-ray radiation in the wide energy range, monitor alpha, beta and neutron radiations, work as spectrometer of gamma radiation and radioisotope identifier, and measure food/soil contamination by 137Cs radionuclide.

All operation history is stored in the instrument’s non-volatile memory and may be downloaded to a personal computer through a USB interface. PM1401K-3 is also equipped with built-in GPS to enable geocached data logging.

The instrument can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments and is intended for everyday and/or emergency use by firefighters, military, police and other first responding agencies.

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РМ1401К-3 instruments are available in four modifications:

  • РМ1401К-3 – is a base model of the instrument. It uses 3He tube for detection and registration of neutron radiation.
  • РМ1401К-3М – is a gamma-only model of the instrument without neutron detection capabilities.
  • РМ1401К-3A - is a model  of the instrument that uses small volume 6LiI(Eu) neutron detector. However its neutron sensitivity is selected to comply with ANSI 42.32 requirements for PRDs.
  • РМ1401К-3P - is a model of the instrument that uses 6LiI(Eu) scintillator based neutron detector which neutron sensitivity is similar to the base model PM1401K-3.


Key features:

  • Detection, search and localization of α-, β-,γ- and neutron radiation sources
  • Measurement of ambient dose equivalent rate Ḣ*(10) of gamma and x-ray radiation 
  • Measurement of α-, β- radiation flux density
  • Measurement of 137Cs activity
  • Gamma radiation scintillation spectra acquisition and analysis
  • Automatic identification of radionuclides by analyzing gamma radiation spectra
  • Built-in audible and visual alarms, external vibration alarm
  • Built-in GPS module
  • USB data communication capabilities with Windows® based PC
  • Non-volatile memory (>10 000 history events)
  • Shockproof hermetic case (IP65)
  • Compact size and low weight




Standard delivery set includes:

  • The PM1401K-3 instrument
  • Protective case
  • Set of spacer rings (for α-, β-radiation measurement)
  • Set of α-radiation filters (for α-, β-radiation measurement)
  • USB Power Cable (for PC-communication and recharging and rechargable batteries)
  • AA-LR6 batteries (2 pcs.)
  • Belt Clip
  • Operation Manual and Software Guide (CD-ROM)
  • Calibration and Warranty Certificates


Optional accessoires:

  • External vibrator with the wristband (for operation in noisy environment and/or performing a hidden search)
  • Calibration cap (for energy calibration check and calibration)
  • Telescopic extention pole (for operating the instrument in remote and hard-to-reach areas);
  • Additional neutron moderator (increases the instrument's sensetivity to neutron radiation);
  • Tripod (for measurement of the 137Cs activity in solid/food water);
  • Protective holster (for protection of the instrument)
  • Set of Marinelli beakers (for measurement of the 137Cs activity in soil/food water);



  • Customs and border control
  • First responders
  • Public security
  • Industrial enterprises


Standards compliance

Designed to meet ANSI N42.33 -2006, ANSI 42.34 - 2006, IEC 62327: 2006, ANSI N42.48 - 2008, ANSI N42.42: 2012 requirements


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РМ1401К-3PM1401K-3 M
Search γ-channel
Sensitivity for 137Сs, no less
200 s-1/(μSv/h) or (2 s-1/(μR/h))
200 s-1/(μSv/h) (2 s-1/(μR/h))
Sensitivity for 241Am, no less
200 s-1/(μSv/h) or (2 s-1/(μR/h))200 s-1/(μSv/h) (2 s-1/(μR/h))
Energy range in Search Mode
Indication range1 - 9999 cps1 - 9999 cps
DE measurement range
Accuracy of DER indication (at 137Сs)
in the range of 0.1 – 20 µSv/h (10 – 2000 µR/h),
no less
Gamma radiation scintillation spectra
acquisition channels
The number of γ-radiation scintillation spectra
saved in the instrument’s memory

up to 1000up to 1000
Activity measurement sample
density range
from 0,2 to 1,6 g/сm3from 0,2 to 1,6 g/сm3
Accuracy of 137Cs nuclide activity measurement± (30+К⁄А)%

where К – coefficient equal to 2000 Bq/kg
А – measured specific activity,Bq/kg
± (30+К⁄А)%

where К – coefficient equal to 2000 Bq/kg
А – measured specific activity,Bq/kg
Sensitivity to 137Cs in the activity measurement mode
3,0·10-3 counts·kg(l)/s·Bq for 137Cs3,0·10-3 counts·kg(l)/s·Bq for 137Cs
137Cs activity measurement range
when using Marinelli beaker
from 10 2 to 10 5 Bq/kg (Bq/l)from 102 to 105 Bq/kg (Bq/l)
Search neutron channel
3He tube
- for Pu-α-Be
- for thermal neutrons
- for Pu-α-Be (with neutron moderator)
0.09 counts·cm2
4.0 counts·cm2
0.6 counts·cm2

Neutron count rate measurement energy range
from thermal to 14 MeVx
Indication range0.01 - 999 cps (search mode)x
DER measurement range
(by Pu- α-Be source in collimated radiation)
Measuring γ-channel
Dose equivalent rate measurement range
0.1 μSv/h - 100 mSv/h (10μR/h - 10R/H)0.1 μSv/h - 100 mSv/h (10μR/h - 10R/H)
Dose equivalent rate measurement energy range0.015 - 15 MeV0.015 - 15 MeV
Measuring α and β-channel
a-radiation flux density measurement range

from 15.0 to 105min-1·cm, -2from 15.0 to 105min-1·cm,-2
Sensitivity to α- radiation (239Pu)≥0.5 cps·cm2≥0.5 cps·cm2
β- radiation flux measurement range
from 6.0 to 105min-1·cm-2from 6.0 to 105min-1·cm-2
Sensitivity to β- radiation (90Sr+90Y)
Energy range of the measured of β-radiation flux
from 0.15 to 3.5 MeV
from 0.15 to 3.5 MeV
262х60х65 mm262х60х65 mm
≤ 0.82 kg ≤ 0.82 kg
Ingress protection code
Drop test on concrete floor:
CommunicationPC Communication via USB
Built-in GPS module
PC Communication via USB
Built-in GPS module
-30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F)-30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F)
up to 95 % at 35 °С (95 °F)up to 95 % at 35 °С (95 °F)
Battery type
two AA batteriestwo AA batteries
Battery lifetime
300 h. (using LCD backlight, audible and visual alarm
not more than 5 min./day)
300 h. (using LCD backlight, audible and visual alarm
not more than 5 min./day)
Power supply