Vibration Alarm Device

In cases when special security investigations are performed, the hidden detection may be required to attract no attention when the instrument alarms.

The external vibration alarm can be connected toPM1401MA, PM1401GNA, PM1401GNB, РМ1402М, PM1710GNA, PM1401K models.

It is attached to a shirt pocket with a special clip or on the arm with a wrist belt.

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While performing special tasks or monitoring the radiation background in a crowd (such as football game) it may be required to avoid attracting bystanders’ attention in case the radioactive source is detected and instrument is alarming.

The vibration alarm device is connected to the radiation monitor and it is attached to the pocket of the uniform or on the wrist of the operator, thus alerting only the operator and not bringing attention of the crowd. Upon approaching or moving away to/from the source the rate of vibration changes thus allowing easy location of it. Use of the search instrument with the external vibration alarm also makes it convenient to search for the radiation sources in locations with the high noise level or when the signal from build-in alarm is not sufficient (e.g. when the instrument is placed over the thick winter overcoat).

The vibration alarm device can be used with the following models: