Telescopic Extension Tube (for РМ1401К, РМ1401МА, РМ1401МА-01, РМ1401GNA, РМ1710A, РМ1710GNA)

The telescopic extension tube can be used with PM1401MA, PM1401GNA, PM1401K, PM1710A and PM1710GN models. It allows for search and measurement in the hard-to-reach locations. It also provides additional protection to an operator by increasing distance to the source while measuring and/or spectra accumulation.
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In many cases it is required to check if there are any radioactive sources in the hard-to-reach locations such as the top of the truck or undercarriage of the truck, inside of the trains, the piles of the metal scrap, or shipping containers. Use of the radiation detector mounted at the end of the telescopic extension tube makes it possible to easily carry out this task.

It is also recommended to use the telescopic extension tube to prevent unnecessary radiation exposure to an instrument operator. The telescopic tube consists of extendable parts with the bracket to mount the radiation detector and rubber handles to make the telescopic tube convenient to use. The external vibration alarm can also be connected to the output of the tube. The telescopic extension tube is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

The extension telescopic tube can be used with the following models of our instruments:

The extension telescopic tube is not a part of a standard delivery kit. This accessory should be ordered separately.


Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions(normal, no more) 710 mm (28’’)
(extended, no more) 1200 mm (47¼'')