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20 Nov 2017Training for Federal Customs Authority of U.A.E.

From 13 to 17th of November Polimaster Ltd. received honoured guests from U.A.E. Together with the authorized dealer Larsa Scientific LLC Polimaster conducted a five-day Training for representatives of Federal Customs Authority of U.A.E.

Within the framework of the course Understanding of Nuclear and Radiological Threats, the trainees had an in-depth look  at the basics of nuclear physics, notions used in radiation safety, current nuclear threats, solutions for detection and measurement of radioactive materials, Polimaster solutions and devices for combating illicit trafficking of nuclear and other radioactive materials.

Polimaster experts shared their experience in radiation detection, demonstrated the devices in action. The trainees had a chance to participate in the two scenarios of stopping smuggling of radioactive sources at customs check points. The trainees were introduced into the process of calibration with the latest innovative equipment - Automated Irradiation Calibration System PM9100.

We expect that our customers got significant and valuable knowledge and would successfully apply it in everyday service thus making their country safe from radiological and nuclear threats. We are glad to continue the cooperation with our strategic partner!