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30 Sep 2017Polimaster at Kazakhstan Security Systems 2017

Polimaster participated in the International Security and Civil Protection Exhibition - «Kazakhstan Security Systems», held in Astana (Republic of Kazakhstan) at the end of September. The exhibition is  the largest in Central Asia in the field of security.  More than 80 participants from 12 countries showcased their technical solutions in 2017.

Polimaster presented its latest developments and solutions for radiation safety field:

Contraband Detector PM2030 – portable instrument that performs detection of hidden items (drugs, explosives, weapons, currency) within closed cavities of transport vehicles. Instrument indicates the identified objects and forms the library of scanned objects. PM2030 has modular design and telescopic extension pole, that allows to examine hard-to-reach places and large objects.

Combined Chemical Agent and Gamma Radiation Detector PM2012MB – a modification with improved features and built-in Bluetooth module for data transfer to the user`s smartphone.

Polimaster also presented the number of instruments, which are popular with our customers:

Multipurpose Hand-Held Radiation Monitor/Identifier - РМ1401К-3 , Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detectors PM1704 A, Personal Radiation Monitor/Dosimeter PM1605BT, the new series of electronic dosimeters PM1211, X-Ray and Gamma Personal Dosimeters of PM1610 series, Personal Radiation Detectors of  PM1703 series and others.

We`d like to thank our business partner «KAZIZOTOP» in the Republic of Kazakhstan for cooperation during the exhibition, and all the guests who found the time for visiting us!