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We consider innovation as the key POLIMASTER ® brand value.
Innovative ideas are embodied in new devices that combine powerful functionality and ease of use.

radiation protection equipment

Many Polimaster instruments are considered to be the best in their class. Some are entirely unique and do not have analogues among other brands. The world's only commercially available wrist dosimeters, the very first gamma-neutron personal radiation detectors, compact radionuclide identifiers and sensitive radiation portal monitors have been produced by  POLIMASTER ® and have made POLIMASTER team one of the world leaders.

Innovations history

New technology penetrates into our life every day. It brings us new opportunities and expands our knowledge. We believe that continuous development of our technologies keeps our products in demand.

The key features of our instruments are combination of uniquely small size with high accuracy and sensitivity, characteristics usually typical for massive detectors.


In response to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant disaster in 1986, the first personal electronic pocket-size dosimeter was designed by Alexander Antonovsky. “Master-1” was much smaller than any other direct reading dosimeter available on the market at that time. Over 1 000 000 of dosimeters were sold. Since 1992 Master-1 was produced under POLIMASTER® brand.



The very first dosimeter in the form of a wristwatch is a predecessor of popular PM1208M wrist gamma indicator that is the only commercially available dosimeter hidden in an attractive wristwatch.



Pager type search instrument initially designed to be used by Customs and Border guards for prevention of illicit trafficking of radioactive and nuclear materials in many countries. This device can operate in harsh environmental conditions. PM1401 has been successfully deployed and proved very reliable over the years. Currently the 5th generation of PM1401 is being released.

personal radiation detector PM1703GN


The world's first compact gamma-neutron detector weighing only 200 grams. With extremely high sensitivity, it has been extensively used for search and location of nuclear and radioactive materials by means of their gamma or neutron radiation. There is no analogue with the same characteristics of sensitivity and dimension for the time being.



The smallest radionuclide identification device became possible as the result of combining smartphone and radiation detection technology. The idea of access to remote expert support decision system making using the Internet is introduced to the world.



PM2010 is a portable gamma dosimeter with built-in chemical agent detector with high sensitivity usually found in stationary or significantly larger portable detectors. With the weight of 550g it is the smallest combined radiation and chemical detector available today.



NPNET ® is a geo information network system for radiation monitoring of buildings, city blocks or large country regions covered by the number of fixed and mobile radiation detectors. It provides real time data exchange between users and the Unified Command Center or Expert Group.



 Polimaster was the first to introduce two-in-one radiometric instrument to the market. PM703MO-1 is a spectroscopic radiation detector coupled with gamma dosimeter. It is equipped with a highly sensitive scintillation detector CsI(Tl) to search radioactive and nuclear materials and small-sized Geiger-Muller tube to measure gamma radiation dose and dose rate. Later, it was also modified to radionuclide identification device.



A new class of multipurpose, highly sensitive and compact gamma and gamma-neutron spectroscopic personal radiation detectors with improved search algorithm to measure radiation intensity and provide quick radionuclide identification of radioactive sources.