Networked Solutions

We offer the unique solution of prompt high-effective radiation control on State Borders as well as inside the country. Our new development- Polimaster Nuclear Protection Network (NPNET) system- intended for efficient interaction and on-line data exchange between the user and the mobile radiation control instrument, for example a personal radiation detector or radioisotope identifier, and remote Command and/or Expert Center which provides  expert reach back in case of radioactive source detection. The scalable network allows monitoring of small areas covered by one or two radiation detectors as well as the entire city blocks and large urban areas using hundreds of detectors.

Electronic dosimeters


Professional individual pocket dosimeters for continuous monitoring of the radiation environment as well as measurement of gamma and X-ray radiation dose and dose rate in the wide dose and dose rate ranges.

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Professional personal dosimeter for measuring continuous and pulse X-Ray and Gamma Radiation in the energy range 20 keV – 10 MeV. The dosimeters are recommended to protect professionals, who work with or around X-ray or gamma radioactive materials. The possible use areas include but not limited to: hospitals, mines, customs officers, nuclear stations personnel etc.
From Jan 2013 only grey color is available in stock.

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Unique electronic personal radiation dosimeters for measurement of the exposure levels from X-ray and gamma radiation sources and recording even the minor fluctuations of the natural radiation background.

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Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detectors

РМ1704 / М / GN

The family of multipurpose, highly sensitive and compact gamma and gamma-neutron spectroscopic personal radiation detectors which has advanced search algorithms that enable the measurement of radiation intensity and the quick radionuclide identification of radioactive sources. Devices are equipped with a color LCD display and a user-friendly interface, and are highly ergonomic and convenient to use even in harsh environments.

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PM1401MB / GNB

Gamma and Gamma-neutron Personal Radiation Detectors recommended for use by first responders, security guards and police forces. Their shockproof case is specially designed for outdoor and harsh environment application.

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The family of Polimaster’s Gamma and Gamma-Neutron Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detectors (SPRDs) which utilize advanced search algorithms and can be used for detection and primary radionuclide identification of the radioactive sources even by the non-trained personnel.

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PM1703MO-1 A/B

The PM1703MO-1A and PM1703MO-1B instruments combine features of both SPRD and dosimeter in the one housing. Small-sized GM tube allows to measure dose and dose rate of the gamma radiation in the wide energy range while highly sensitive CsI(Tl) scintillation detector allows searching for radioactive and nuclear materials and primary radionuclide identification of the radioactive sources.

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Hand-Held Search Instruments

PM1401K / KM

The small-size light-weight multipurpose radiation monitor for detection of alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation sources. Recommended for wide range of radiation monitoring procedures.

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Multifunctional, networked mobile monitor for measuring all types of ionizing radiation and spectrum collection of gamma emitting sources.

The device is equipped with a built-in CsI(TI) detector for detection and location of gamma radiation sources and reliable identification of radioisotopes. In addition, the device has five external interchangeable modules for detection of alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation.

The device provides fast and reliable identification of radioisotopes and can transmit measured radiological data and geographic coordinates to the Remote Expert Center of the Polimaster Nuclear Protection Network system (Polimaster NPNET™) via buit-in GSM/GPRS modules.

* Please, verify availability and delivery time before order.

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PM1710C /GNC

The wall-mounted highly sensitive radiation gamma and gamma-neutron monitors for building protection. The detectors can be installed near doorways and entrances to continually monitor passing people and packages for radioactive materials.

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Radionuclide Identification Devices (RIDs)

PM1410 A/M/P

Universal multifunctional portable radionuclide identifier (the class of Radionuclide Identification Devices) designed for search, detection, localization and identification of radionuclide composition of radioactive and nuclear materials, and for quick and accurate measurement of dose rate and count rate (ensuring the radiation safety while localization and identification of radioactive sources) due to having three built-in detectors of different types: highly sensitive NaI spectroscopic detector of gamma radiation, G-M tube for registering high dose rate, and neutron detector (optional).

The instrument has the possibility to connect external detection unit of alpha and beta – it allows to search the alpha and beta sources and measure alpha and beta flux density from contaminated surfaces.

The devise has built-in GPS module and can be integrated into the Polimaster Nuclear Protection Network (Polimaster NPNET™) with wireless and wired transfer of radiological data and geographic coordinates to the Remote Expert Center.

Modification without neutron channel is available.

* PM1410 is temporarily unavailable.

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Networked solutions

Environmental radiation monitoring system NPNET®

POLIMASTER Nuclear Protection Network NPNET® is a modern powerful tool for highly-effective environmental radiation monitoring.

Mobile geo information system NPNET® integrates the remote server with software and various types of radiation detectors and provides detection, localization and radioisotope identification of radioactive and nuclear materials within a large territory in on-line regime.

NPNET® is intended to be used for combating illicit trafficking and inadvertent movements of radioactive and nuclear materials, for radiation safety maintenance in places with a high concentration of people and urban areas, for radiation control and monitoring in various radiation and nuclear incidents.
It can be used for applications ranging from monitoring of State Borders, certain areas to covering country’s regions.

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Personal Dose Tracker

Polimaster Dose Tracking System is intended to provide acute dose information for the personnel and operators, working with the X-ray scanning equipment.

This information is complementary to any security monitoring system, provided by X-ray scanning equipment. The flexibility of the system allows for precise configuration and user set up to address dose monitoring needs for both X-ray system operators and personnel, frequently scanned by Personnel Security Screening Systems.

All data are stored in the internal database with an option of exporting data to remote centralized data analysis and storage.

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